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Welcome to louisvillebatsremoval.com. We are the only qualified bat removal company in Louisville, Kentucky. Bats are an integral part of the planet's ecosystem. That sentiment is something each and every member of our team believes, and with that in mind we carry out our tasks as humanely as possible. What this means is that our team refuses to use poisons and traps to remove bats from an area. Despite us refusing to use inhumane methods, we are still specialize in bat removal. We are most effective with our special sealing method. This sealing method involved finding all the pathways the bats use in the home and placing special seals on them. The seals work in such a way that they allow bats to leave, but they don't allow them to come back inside. Once the bats have been cleared from your home and our special devices have been placed, we also have experts that can clean up the mess the bats have left behind. The things bats leave behind are their foul odor and stains. The odor comes from their urine, it has a pungent smell and is something you wouldn't want anyone in your home to be smelling. Bats also tend to leave behind grease spots in the places they reside, these grease spots could potentially have disease as well. Thanks to our team however, you won't have to be worrying about any of that.  We operate 24-7-365, so don't hesitate to call us at 502-916-1000 to discuss your bat problem and schedule a fast appointment.


We are experts at removing bats from residential properties. Whether you have a single bat trapped in your house, a colony roosting in your attic, and/or various other problems, there is no need to worry! During our removal process, we make sure to inspect your entire home carefully, tracking down all the entrypoints bats are using to invade your place. Next, we perform a process called live exclusion (where no bats are harmed and all exit your property), then seal all entry holes completely shut. We also take care of the cleanup process after, so your home is safe and clean!

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Besides residential areas, we also have a wealth of experience removing bats from commercial properties! We begin by investigating the area for possible bat entrances, covering holes even as small as 1/4 of an inch. Through our live exclusion process, bats leave the building through one-way exits, and we seal up every hole afterward. Once the bats have been removed, we perform a cleanup process. This includes dealing with guano, replacing damaged insulation, and decontaminating the place.

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What Our Customers Say

Removing Bats – Personal Versus Professional Removal

Removing bats from your home is vital. They can spread disease and cause destruction, being a serious problem for you and your property.

Removing them, though, is not always so easy. There are two ways to get about removal – doing it yourself and hiring a professional to do it.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. It is best to know more about them so that you know what to do.

When it comes to your health and your property, you do not want to make any mistakes or overlook anything important. With the information here, you can make the best choice in your bat removal.

Doing It Yourself

Doing the removal yourself comes at little to no cost, depending on what you have available to you. You can remove them somewhat easily, but it does mean having some thorough knowledge of your property, where the bats are, and what to do.

When the bats are staying somewhere in your property, you have to figure out how they are getting in and out. Find their access point and use exclusion tactics to remove them.

This can take some time and work, but it is low cost and low effort with high reward. It is what most people, including professionals, choose to do.

You do have to be careful. You do not want to harm the bats, nor do you want to cause damage to your property. You have to understand how to go about exclusion the right way. It is not overly difficult, but it may take some time.

Hiring a Professional

Professional services can be extraordinarily helpful. These are people who know the work and who know how to do it right. It does come at a cost, but, typically, it can provide results – assuming you hire the right people.

Yes, the right professionals can absolutely remove the bats for you. Typically, these people will do the job quickly and effectively. You will see great results from it. That is, if you get the right people.

Some people may use methods or items that can cause more problems than they solve. Others may cost far more than the work is worth. Finding the right people might be a far bigger chore than doing it yourself.

Removing bats, either on your own or with a professional, is doable. It is all about knowing which option is right for your situation.